Guide to Magnet Fishing in Washington: Where to Go and Is it Legal?‍

4,842 square miles of water make up Washington’s total area. The state has 25,000 miles of streams, and over 2,364 lakes. That’s a whole lot of opportunity to explore the waterways by magnet fishing.

Is magnet fishing legal in Washington?

Yes, magnet fishing is legal in Washington. However, before you go out and start picking a spot to fish, it’s important to check the local laws. In general, most states allow magnet fishing as long as you have the landowner’s permission.

In Washington, there are no specific laws concerning magnet fishing. However, the Department of Ecology says that you need a permit to remove anything from state or tribal land that’s submerged. This includes rivers, lakes, and streams.

Of course, what is legal isn’t always ethical. It would not be the first time repeated, reckless or inconsiderate behavior resulted in federal regulation. Please have a look at our magnet fishing etiquette!

What are the best places to magnet fish in Washington?

Magnet fishing becomes a popular hobby around the world, including in Washington. From the Cascades to the Columbia River, Washington is home to some great spots for magnet fishing. Here are  a few of our favorites:

The Cascades

Best known for its deep evergreen forests and tall volcanoes, The Cascades is home to countless rivers, lakes, and streams. It offers a wealth of magnet fishing opportunities.

Lake Washington

This is a large freshwater lake located in the U.S. state of Washington, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s surrounded by mountains and evergreen forests, and it’s a popular spot for fishing, swimming, boating, and, of course, magnet fishing. This lake is a great place to find all sorts of lost objects.

The Snoqualmie River

It is a good place to start magnet fishing. It’s near Seattle, so it’s easy to get to, and it’s a popular spot for swimming, kayaking, fishing., and magnet fishing. The water is clean and clear, so you can see what you’re reeling in.

The Duwamish Waterway

The Duwamish Waterway is spanned by four major bridges: the First Avenue South Bridge, the South Park Bridge, the Spokane Street Bridge, and, the West Seattle Bridge. In the early 1900s, this waterway serves as a major shipping route for containerized and bulk cargo. You can definitely find something here.

The Columbia River

This river is 1,243 miles long and it forms part of the border between Oregon and Washington state. It’s a great place for magnet fishing because there’s a lot of history here. The Lewis and Clark expedition traveled up this river in their quest to find the Northwest Passage.

Spokane River

The Spokane River is a tributary of the Columbia River that flows through the city of Spokane. The river was an important transportation route for early settlers in the Inland Northwest region.

Other places you could try:

  • Lake Chelan
  • Lake Pend Oreille

Magnet Fishing in Seattle

In Seattle, there are a few good spots for magnet fishing. These include the Duwamish Waterway, the Ship Canal, and the Lake Washington Ship Canal. These canals are known to contain a lot of metallic debris, which makes them ideal for magnet fishing.

The best magnet fishing kit for Washington’s waters

Brute Magnetics meets the demands of magnet fishing in Washington’s complex water systems, from the Pacific coastline to the freshwater rivers and lakes. It’s a robust and adaptable choice for navigating the Evergreen State’s diverse water bodies.

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What can you find when magnet fishing in Washington?

Some of the most common items that are found in these canals include nails, screws, coins, old tools and jewelry. However, more unusual items have also been found, such as firearms and ammunition.

Magnet Fishing in Washington

These are the usual finds.

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