Magnet Fishing Etiquette

If you’re magnet fishing on private property, always ask for permission.

This is self-explanatory, but the importance cannot be understated. A few news stories about trespassing magnet fishers, might be enough to get the hobby banned in an entire state. 

How to find out if youre on private property

If you’re unsure, if a place is private or public land, but the place is too good to give up on, you could try the following to determine the owner of the land:

  • Ask city council
  • Go to your county assessor’s office and ask them for public record and maps, that show all the property ownership.
  • Look out for signs that indicate private property
  • Ask nearby locals

This is just good manners. 

Also remember to respect other people’s finds. If you magnet fish in an area where other people are also magnet fishing, be respectful of their finds. Don’t touch or move their gear without asking, and don’t take their catches without permission.

The consequences of trespassing

Trespassing can actually get you in loads of trouble, if the other party presses charges. It can not just result in fines, but also small jail terms or probation. In addition, it may be visible in your criminal record forever.

Dont recover stuff without disposing of it properly afterwards

We’ve seen it all too often. Magnet fishers retrieve a bunch of bulky scrap metal and just leave it on the shore, where it can block pathways and also ruin the aesthetics of beautiful coastlines. Here is are some golden rules, when it comes to dealing with your not-so valuable finds:

  • Always try to recycle, upcycle, or donate them.
  • If this is not possible, try to dispose of them properly by throwing your finds in a public trash bin.
  • If the item is too bulky for the trash bin, leave it next to the bin for trash collectors to pick up. (Some of them will resell scrap metals actually)


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