Guide to Magnet Fishing in California: Where to Go and Is it Legal?

Magnet fishing in California is one of the most popular pastimes for tourists visiting the sunshine state and locals alike. If you want to magnet fish in California, then there are many options for where to go! You can find magnet-fishing spots all over the state, including Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara County…This article will give you tips on magnet fishing near you, as well as magnet fishing laws in California.

Is magnet fishing legal in California?

Magnet fishing is legal under California law, but there are rules to follow.

  • Never use a metal detector or magnet fishing equipment on any pier or dock on the San Francisco Bay.
  • Don’t leave behind your magnet fishing gear when you’re done because it will ruin the spot for everyone else! It’s illegal and really rude…that being said, people have been banned from certain cities just by leaving their magnet fishing equipment behind after they were done exploring with it. This is why Californians should always check local laws before going out on their next adventure!
  • Leaving behind trash like this is a common reason why magnet fishing gets banned in certain states or countries.
  • Be safe, not sorry! If you get caught violating California law while doing this activity, then you may be up to $400 USD.

What are the best places to magnet fish in California?

California has no shortage of murky water bodies, such as reservoirs, rivers, lakes, ponds and many more. Therefore magnet fishing spots are plentiful. Whether you’re in LA, San Francisco, or a small town, there’s a magnet fishing spot for you!

LA County:

  • The LA river is one of the best places to go magnet fishing in California because it has years of debris built up from cars and other vehicles sinking down into its waters. Also, during heavy rainstorms, all kinds of odd things make their way to this waterway! 
  • Further south, there are some good spots in Los Angeles County, such as Legg Lake: you often find coins at this lake – it’s always better to find only one, so you don’t get fined for scavenging goods of historical value. If they catch you and take away your magnet or detector, you may have to pay a $1 fine per find! Check out this video to see what magnet fishing at Legg Lake looks like:

The San Francisco Bay Area:

  • This Bay Area is home to some top-notch diving spots as well as magnets that have been known to snag many types of treasures. People often fasten metal detectors onto tubes and explore these areas with great success.
  • It is known for its rocky coastline with sea lions, shipwrecks, crabs, abalone, etc. In addition, there are some good spots for magnet fishing in the Berkeley marina
  • Another good spot for magnet fishing in the Bay Area is behind the University of California, Berkeley campus: There are some fun finds for metal detecting and magnetic fishing, such as old bottles, projectiles, and old horseshoe nails.

The best magnet fishing kit for California’s waters

Brute Magnetics is a preferred tool for magnet fishing in California’s vast aquatic landscapes. The kit’s outstanding durability and capabilities make it a valuable companion for exploring the Golden State’s coastal and inland waters.

  • Dangerously powerful!
  • 200% more pulling distance
  • 3500 lbs combined pulling force
  • 434 lbs direct pulling force
  • Cut resistant gloves
  • 65 ft of Heavy-duty rope
  • Quality Guarantee

What can you find magnet fishing in California?

There are many things that can be magnet fishing in California, including:

  • The best magnetic finds in California are coins from various time periods, preferably from before 1900. If you find a ring – take it to the police or try to find out who lost it and return it! Of course, some people really do lose their wedding rings while swimming.
  • Artifacts from the gold rush era
  • Scrap metal and other manmade objects
The usual finds when magnet fishing at the banks of Legg Lake in California.


If you are looking for a new hobby, then magnet fishing is the perfect fit. This relatively new craze has been sweeping California and can be done just about anywhere with some patience. Magnet fishing in California doesn’t have to mean heading out into the ocean; there are plenty of lakes, rivers, and even creeks where this activity can take place without any legal issues whatsoever. Let us know about your favorite place to go magnet fishing in California, and we’ll add it to the list.

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  1. I . interested in getting into this hobby…1). Do You need any type of special license to do this? 2). Can you do magnet fishing in the aquaduct? I live in Lancaster California and we have a couple of lakes, but the biggest thing we have is the aquaduct!

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