Benefits of Magnet Fishing with a Crane

Cranes are totally next level and typically not part of the average magnet fishing kit. Nevertheless, there are some passionate magnet fishers that have bought a portable crane to find some extra large finds. Typically, however, they are used by professional companies or police.

When is a crane used for magnet fishing?

A crane is used for magnet fishing when the metallic objects are too heavy to lift by hand, or the object can’t be pulled out diagonally using a winch. 

A crane helps with magnet fishing by providing the necessary lifting power to retrieve heavy magnets or large items from deep water. It also enables you to lift objects vertically instead of diagonally.

Which heavy objects are typically retrieved from canals using cranes?

Some of the heavy objects which are typically retrieved from canals using cranes include cars, scooters, motorcycles, car parts, bicycles, manhole covers, shopping carts, and large pieces of metal.

How does one go about setting up a crane for magnet fishing?

The first step is to find a location where you can set up the crane. This spot should be close to the water’s edge and have enough space for the crane to operate. Once you have found a suitable location, you will need to secure the crane in place. This can be done by anchoring it to the ground or tying it off to a nearby object.

Once the crane is set up, you will need to attach a strong rope or chain to the magnet. The other end of the rope should be attached to the crane’s winch. Finally, lower the magnet into the water and start fishing!

Always wear protective clothing and gloves when operating the crane.

Cool videos of magnet fishing cranes in action

Sometimes the Dutch police join in on the fun and help retrieve BMW motorbikes using a truck-mounted crane. Amsterdam is a mecca for magnet fishers!

The guys retrieved also retrieved a motorbike using a small crane that requires some real manpower!

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