Guide to Magnet Fishing in Canada (+40 Locations)

If you’re looking for a new and exciting outdoor past-time to pique your curiosity, try magnet fishing! Magnet fishing is a relatively new activity that has swept across North America in recent years. Canada is home to an impressive array of water bodies, and also the world’s longest coastline, making it a mecca for magnet fishers. But what are the best spots in Canada, and is it even legal there? This is the ultimate guide for Canadian magnet fishers!

Is magnet fishing even legal in Canada?

Technically, yes. There are no laws against magnet fishing itself, but there are some other laws you can familiarize yourself with. This way, you can ensure, you are magnet fishing, legally and responsible. Take a look at trespassing laws, salvaging laws and environmental protection laws in Canada mentioned in this article.

British Columbia

There are many reasons why British Columbia is a great magnet fishing destination. The province has an abundance of waterways, both fresh and saltwater, that are dotted with many boat ramps and piers that serve as excellent platforms to throw you magnet from. In addition, the scenery in British Columbia is absolutely gorgeous, providing a stunning backdrop for your magnet fishing adventure.

Victoria near Colquitz River

When walking along the Colquitz River Trail remember to bring your magnet fishing gear, because Colquitz River is the perfect place to magnet fish. Due to the peaceful environment, nothing will bother you while fishing. 

Shuswap Lake

If you go a bit further from Victoria to about 2 hours drive, you will find one of the biggest lakes in British Columbia – Shuswap Lake. This place is perfect not only for magnet fishing but also for swimming, boating or just relaxing on the beach. We recommend magnet fishing from the lake’s piers and boat ramps if you’re after valuable items.

Shoreacres Beach

This Beach is a secret gem for magnet fishers. But you have to be careful. A railroad tie is submerged under the water. Make sure to not get your magnet stuck. Better be safe than sorry and bring a ratchet winch if you’re fishing with a strong magnet, so you can free it in case it locks onto that notorious railroad tie.

Spots near Vancouver

Vancouver is a great magnet fishing destination for a number of reasons. Firstly, the region has an extensive coastline with plenty of opportunities to magnet fish from boat ramps, piers and boardwalks. Secondly, there are a large number of lakes, rivers and streams in the area which provide ample opportunity to catch a wide variety of peculiar objects.

Comox (Fishermans Wharf Boardwalk)

Comox is a town located on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island. Due to the very comfortable climatic conditions, the city is the perfect place to relax while magnet fishing. The Fisherman’s Wharf Boardwalk is situated on the south side of Comox. The Boardwalk is a popular spot for outdoor activities and frequented by local fishers and magnet fishers alike. Please be respectful and remember to keep your distance from other fishers on the boardwalk.

Sooke (Sooke Marine Boardwalk)

Located on the southern coast of Vancouver Island, Sooke is known for its hiking trails. The Sooke Marine Boardwalk is about 400 m long. You’ll have a beautiful view of the harbor. On the Boardwalk, you’ll see many people crabbing, but not many people magnet fishing. So you might be the only magnet fisher there and stumble upon some real treasures!

Jericho Pier

Jericho Pier is a very calm and relaxing spot to go during the evening. It’s also a very popular crabbing location. You get a skyline view of the city and mountains. In the morning, the Pier is full of fishers. To avoid any altercations and enjoy the tranquility of the pier, consider going here in the evening, as it’s much less crowded during that time.

Ambleside Pier

The Ambleside pier is the largest pier on the north shore of Vancouver. It’s a spectacular place to watch the sunset while magnet fishing. Ambleside Pier is located in West Vancouver and is easily accessible by car or public transit. Parking is available in the lot adjacent to the pier. To get there by car, take the Lions Gate Bridge from Vancouver and follow Marine Drive west until you reach Ambleside Park. To get there by public transit, take the 250 bus from downtown Vancouver and get off at 13th Street and Marine Drive.

Prospect Lake

A very popular fishing and swimming location. There is a boat launch that you can use to rent a boat. Magnet fishing near boat ramps is often a surefire way to find valuable items, boat passengers lost as they entered and exited their boats.

Thetis Lake

The Thetis Park has two lakes, the lower and the upper lake. Both lakes are excellent spots to magnet fish. There are walking and hiking trails all around the lakes. If you like swimming, the lake is perfect. The temperature is not too cold, but also not too warm.

Other places in British Columbia you could try:

  • Durrance Lake
  • Vancouver Island
  • Cowichan Lake
  • Piers at trout lake
  • Stanley Park
  • Victoria (Sidney Pier)
  • Gorge Bridge near View Royal, Victoria
  • Avoid the rock formation at Delta Hotel, if you don’t want your magnet to get stuck


Ontario is home to an impressive network of canals and water bodies, which makes it a great destination for magnet fishing. There are over 250,000 lakes and rivers in the province, so you’re sure to find a spot that’s perfect for your next magnet fishing adventure. Pro tip: The prettiest, unspoiled bodies of water usually have the lowest yield, while murky, polluted canals are ideal if you’re after some spectacular finds!

Lake Ontario 

Lake Ontario is one of the largest lakes in the world, which makes it a great place to go magnet fishing. The abundance of water is what makes this location so great for finding elusive finds. 

Harry Allen Bridge (Green Creek)

The Bridge is a convenient place for magnet fishing due to many passersby. A 12-year-old boy found a gun while magnet fishing there.

Big Waterfall at Thunder Bay, Ontario

At the tourist spot at the big waterfall, lots of tourists throw change into the water. Canadian coins are magnetic, and some magnet fishers love going there for exactly that reason. Besides coins, there is not much to find there besides the odd paperclip or two.

Spots near Toronto

Marina Quay West

Downtown Toronto is the perfect place for magnet fishing. There may not be large water bodies, but they contain plenty of metallic object waiting to be retrieved. Just a short walk away, you’ll find Marina Quay West. This dock is perfect for magnet fishing. You get a lovely view of the city, and the water is so clean that you can easily see the fish. Try casting your magnet near the footbridge, because that’s where most people walk by. Hundreds of years of history are hidden under the water.

HTO Beach

HTO Beach is a popular magnet fishing location within walking distance from Marina Quay West. It’s a public beach, so you can bring your family and friends, and spend a fun afternoon magnet fishing. The water is absolutely beautiful, and there are so many things to do. You can even rent paddleboards and kayaks, so you can explore the water while you’re magnet fishing.

Try your luck from these boat ramps

Boat ramps are often the most bountiful destinations. As passengers hop on and off these boats they frequently use metallic valuables. This useful map shows the most popular boat ramps in Southern Ontario and are located within an hour’s drive from Toronto. 

Do you live further up North?

Here is a similar that shows boat ramps in Northeastern Ontario.

Other places in Toronto you could try:

  • Bridges at the Lower Don TRail
  • The wall at Coronation PArk
  • Sugar Beach
  • Thames River


  • Bower Ponds
  • Twin Lake
  • Pier and Boat Launch (Alberta Beach)
  • North Saskatchewan River (Devon)

Spots near Calgary

Storm Ponds around fort Calgary

The Storm Ponds around Fort Calgary are a good place to start your magnet fishing journey. Many People walk by and throw stuff inside. You will be surprised by everything you will find.

Louise Bridge or Mewata Bridge 

On these bridges you’ll definitely find something peculiar. A large number of people throw tons of stuff in the water.

Spots near Edmonton

Fox drive (People keep finding tons of bullets there)

Spots near Winnipeg, Manitoba

Spots in Nova Scotia

  • Anywhere along Halifax Harbour or the Dartmouth side
  • Terence Bay
  • Bedford boat ramp

Spots in Montreal

  • Lachine Canal
  • Under the Bridge on Visitation Island
  • The public wharf in Ile Perrot (a magnet fisher there seemingly made it his fulltime profession to fish for scrap metals)

Additional Resources to help you find cool spots:

  • Are you a history nerd? Then you probably light up at the sight of some historical artifacts attached to your neodymium magnet. This map shows navigable waterways in Canada that were constructed and operated between 1800 and 1950. Use it to identify fantastic magnet fishing locations with historical treasures.
  • Check local Facebook groups. There are also some for smaller cities or regions, such as Vancouver Island.

What can you find as a magnet fisher in Canada?

It always depends on the location, but 99% of your finds will likely be ordinary, metallic objects, such as old bicycle frames, coins, knives, fishing tackle, nuts, bolts lighters, beer caps, golf clubs, scooters etc.

However, that 1% of special stuff is often newsworthy!

These guys here found an entire gun stash, including heavy-duty Sniper Rifles, at the Toronto Harbourfront!

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