Finding the Best Magnet Fishing Spot

A good magnet fishing spot is typically a body of water that is deep and has a good amount of debris. Debris can be anything from sunken boats to lost keys. Generally speaking, the deeper and murkier the water, the more likely it is that you will find something of value. 

Another important factor to consider when choosing magnet fishing spots is safety. You will want to avoid areas with dangerous wildlife or shady neighborhoods that are known for crime. 

Long story short, try to look for places with the following characteristics:

  • It is easily accessible, public property.
  • It is or used to be a place with lots of people passing by. 
  • It is a place near a road where people can easily discard of evidence or other belongings.
  • The water is murky and deeper than 1,5 meters.
  • There is a structure, such as a pier or bridge above the water. (It is much easier to retrieve heavier things vertically, than diagonally)
  • In general, uglier urban locations tend to be more bountiful than pristine, crystal clear rivers in the country side.

There is no perfect magnet fishing spot

It always slightly depends on what you are looking for. Do you want to find ancient treasures? Do you collect coins or license plates? 

  • If you’re a history nerd, obsessed over a specific era in US history, it may be worth trying to find older maps from that time to identify frequently used waterways back then.
  • If you get a kick out of finding personal belongings or evidence of crime that may make on the local news, try murky canals in urban areas.
  • If you want to monetize this hobby, try older abandoned industrial areas to increase your chances of finding valuable scrap metals.

Resources and tools to find good magnet fishing locations near you

These tips may be obvious to some, but we still felt it would be worth including them to inspire and give aspiring newcomers some good ideas on where to start their research.

Find interactive maps for your states

You would be surprised how many maps and lists there are that you can use to your advantage, when trying to find new magnet fishing spots near you. There are great governmental resources that show bridges, piers and boat ramps. Some of these resources even tell you whether the land is public or private property, which you should always find out before you begin swinging your magnet.

Check Google Maps

Search for some keywords near your location:

  • “Murky water”
  • “Historical bridge”
  • “Boat ramp”
  • “Pier”
  • “Dam”
  • “Pond”
  • “Well”
  • “Old Bridge”
  • “Canal”
  • “Reservoir”
  • “Abandoned”
  • “Magnet fishing”
  • “Swamp”
  • “Marsh”
  • “Cliff”

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