Guide to Magnet Fishing in Florida: Where to Go and Is it Legal?

Florida is a magnet for adventure seekers. You can find flocks of people fishing in the gulf, sunbathing on the beach, and exploring all that Florida has to offer. Some will even head out into the Everglades to try their luck at magnet fishing! So what exactly is this Florida pastime? And is it legal? In this article, we’ll answer those questions and more as we explore Florida’s best spots for magnet fishing!

Is magnet fishing legal in Florida?

This Florida pastime is perfectly legal. In fact, it’s been a fairly popular pastime for decades! The exception to the rule though is that you cannot hunt anything with your magnet. This means no fishing out any Florida wildlife or plants from their natural habitat, whether they are alive or dead in nature and regardless of size/age/condition. You can however pick up nails and other metal objects such as bottle caps and aluminum cans if that floats your boat (pun intended).

Safety first!

Although magnet fishing has always been considered mostly harmless, there have still been some injuries associated over the years so we recommend following all posted warning signs around bodies of water before attempting this Florida adventure sport on your own. Magnet fishing an alligator is no fun! You may also want to bring some additional items along with you such as sunscreen (Florida is hot!), bug spray (mosquitos love humans).

An important thing to keep in mind about magnet fishing locations, especially those located deeper than waist-deep such as canals or swamps, is that you should always bring along some kind of flotation device just in case things take an unexpected turn! Even if it isn’t part of your normal gear but rather something new to try out with friends on your next outing together.

Does Florida offer many magnet fishing locations?

Florida has many swamps and murky waters, which makes Florida an ideal magnet fishing destination. There are several bodies of water throughout Florida that attract a lot of metal objects and debris such as:

  • The Everglades
  • Florida bay
  • Boat Piers
  • Canals, lakes, lagoons, rivers, ponds and more!

What are the best places to magnet fish in Florida?

  • Let’s start with Lake Okeechobee since this huge lake borders Florida from all angles (east, west, south) making it an ideal place to begin your search for hidden treasures beneath its surface. Nevertheless, it’s not a recreational fishing zone with many boats or people insight which makes finding hidden treasures exciting for those who like to search and discover underwater things on their own (or with friends).
  • The Ten Thousand Islands are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before because they look more like an ocean than a body of water enclosed by land at parts thanks to its vast expanse that takes up most of southwest Florida from Marco Island down southward toward Everglades City.
  • The Peace River flows from Hardee County all the way down through Charlotte Harbor making it one of Florida’s most treasured natural landmarks that can’t easily be forgotten or overlooked for those who love magnet fishing in Florida. It also happens to be listed on America’s National Register of Historic Places which makes finding hidden treasure here even more interesting (and rewarding).
  • Miami’s piers on the other hand are a magnet fisher’s dream because of how popular they are on any given day. It is also frequented by lots of rich people who love to fish, so it’s not uncommon for people to lose their most prized possessions here.
  • Tampa Bay and the surrounding Gulf of Mexico is a magnet fishing haven. This area also has many boat ramps where people can lose anything from wallets, jewelry, keys, sunglasses—you name it! The Tampa Bay area even welcomes divers looking forward to taking advantage of its abundant sunken treasures including old shipwrecks dating back centuries ago.
  • The St. Johns River is another great place worth mentioning when talking about popular bodies of water containing lots of sunken items perfect.

The best magnet fishing kit for Florida’s waters

Navigating Florida’s extensive coastal and inland waters for magnet fishing becomes more enjoyable with Brute Magnetics. Its exceptional durability and adaptability make it a reliable choice for the Sunshine State’s varied water bodies.

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What can you find magnet fishing in Florida?

You can find anything from coins, jewelry, and other small metallic objects that fall into the water to old boats or ships.

Some people even once found an entire car submerged underwater!

This treasure hunter found knives, cell phones, flashlights, Swedish fishing rods, and more in Florida’s canals

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