Guide to Magnet Fishing in Connecticut: Where to Go and Is it Legal?‍

Magnet Fishing’s popularity has skyrocketed in many parts of the world, including Connecticut. Around 701 square miles of water make up 12.65% of Connecticut’s total area is water, which offers an excellent opportunity to go magnet fishing. Magnet fishing is the best way to explore the state’s waterways and search for hidden relics or treasures. 

Is Magnet Fishing Legal in Connecticut?

Yes! There are no specific laws against magnet fishing in the state of Connecticut. However, you’ll need permission from the landowner before magnet fishing on private property. Also, if you find historical artifacts, you must report them to local authorities.

Of course, what is legal isn’t always ethical. It would not be the first time repeated, reckless or inconsiderate behavior resulted in federal regulation. Please have a look at our magnet fishing etiquette!

‍What are the best places to magnet fish in Connecticut?

Connecticut has many water bodies to explore. There is a wide variety of waterways ranging from large inland lakes to smaller creeks and rivers. Here are a few of the best places to magnet fish.

The Connecticut River

Connecticut River is an excellent magnet fishing destination in Connecticut. With over 3,000 miles of shoreline and countless islands, coves, beaches, and other scenic spots to explore. It was a crucial trade route during the 18th century.

The Thames River

Thames River runs 15 miles south through eastern Connecticut. It has provided crucial harbors since the mid-17th century. As a result, this river is rich in history and has many treasures lurking beneath.

The Housatonic River

It flows 149 miles through western Massachusetts and western Connecticut. It is also a popular tourist destination. In addition, the river has many bridges that are a great spot to magnet fish.

Other places you could try:

  • Lake Champlain
  • The Naugatuck River

What can you find when magnet fishing in Connecticut?

You can find many things when magnet fishing in Connecticut. Some common items include jewelry, coins, knives, tools, and other magnetic objects.

Common finds in Connecticut.

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