Guide to Magnet Fishing in Nevada: Where to Go and Is it Legal?‍

With around 790.65 square miles of total water area, Nevada offers enough great spots for magnet fishing. It is a great way to explore Nevada’s beautiful and rugged natural landscape while hunting for unique treasures that have been lost or forgotten over time.

Is magnet fishing legal in Nevada?

Yes! However, magnet fishing regulations can vary depending on the location and type of water body. Most magnet fishing experts recommend checking with local authorities or researching magnet fishing rules online before heading out to engage in this activity. That being said, magnet fishing is generally allowed in public waterways like canals, rivers, and reservoirs, so long as you follow any applicable regulations and use appropriate safety precautions.

Of course, what is legal isn’t always ethical. It would not be the first time repeated, reckless or inconsiderate behavior resulted in federal regulation. Please have a look at our magnet fishing etiquette!

What are the best places to magnet fish in Nevada?

Whether you’re an experienced magnet fisher or just starting out, here are some of the best magnet fishing spots in Nevada that are sure to provide you with an exciting and rewarding experience.

Pyramid Lake

Located just north of Reno, Pyramid Lake is one of the most popular magnet fishing destinations in all of Nevada. With its pristine waters and abundance of historical artifacts, this lake is truly a magnet fishing paradise.

The Hoover Dam

Located in Las Vegas, The Hoover Dam is one of the most popular magnet fishing spots, as it is home to a variety of hidden treasures. From lost jewelry to historical artifacts, there’s no telling what you might find when magnet fishing at the Hoover Dam.

Eagle Valley Reservoir

Magnet fishing at Eagle Valley Reservoir is perfect for those who love to spend time outdoors and have an eye for adventure. From panning for gold to exploring the depths of this massive lake, Magnet Fishers are sure to find hidden treasures at Eagle Valley Reservoir.

The Colorado River

The Colorado River is another great place to go magnet fishing, as it offers a variety of different magnet fishing spots. With its many twists and turns, the Colorado River is full of hidden treasures that are just waiting to be discovered.

Other places you could try:

  • The Las Vegas Wash
  • Lake Tahoe
  • The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
  • Steamboat Creek
  • Carson Rive

Do not magnet fish at Lake Mead. Any type of metal detecting (including magnet fishing) is prohibited and can bring hefty fines.

What can you find magnet fishing in Nevada?

You can yield a wide variety of different treasures depending on the location and type of water body. Common magnet fishing finds in Nevada include lost jewelry, historical artifacts, and old coins. Other potential magnet fishing finds include fishing gear, cell phones, keys, watches, toys, and more.

This guy found old tools, a mirror, and toilet parts.

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