Guide to Magnet Fishing in New Hampshire: Where to Go and Is it Legal?

Around 396 square miles of water comprise about 4% of New Hampshire’s total area. Magnet fishing in this state can be a little challenging. However, there are still enough water bodies to explore. Here are some of the best places to go magnet fishing.

Is magnet fishing legal in New Hampshire?

Yes, magnet fishing is legal in the state of New Hampshire. However, you must ask permission from the landowners if you’re magnet fishing on private property.

Of course, what is legal isn’t always ethical. It would not be the first time repeated, reckless or inconsiderate behavior resulted in federal regulation. Please have a look at our magnet fishing etiquette!

‍What are the best places to magnet fish in New Hampshire?

Many water bodies in New Hampshire are great places to find treasures. Each of these water bodies has a rich history dating back centuries, and they are all excellent places to look for treasures.

Lake Sunapee 

Lake Sunapee is one of the oldest lakes in New Hampshire. It is home to several shipwrecks, many of which have never been recovered. This makes it an excellent place to look for treasure.

Squam Lake

Squam Lake is another great option for magnet fishing. It is the second-largest lake in New Hampshire.  And it is full of hidden coves and islands. 

Newfound Lake 

Newfound Lake is about 2.6 miles wide and 6 miles long and is one of the deepest lakes in New Hampshire. Some say this crystal clear lake is among the cleanest in the world. It will be a great place to relax with the family while magnet fishing.

Other places you could try:

  • The Connecticut River
  • Lake Winnipesaukee
  • Elm Brook Park
  • White Mountain National Forest
  • Franconia Notch State Park

What can you find when magnet fishing in New Hampshire?

You can find all sorts of lost items when you go magnet fishing in New Hampshire. It includes coins, cans, old tools, jewelry, and even the occasional bicycle.

These folks found plenty of fishing hooks, that could be upcycled.

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