Guide to Magnet Fishing in Vermont: Where to Go and Is it Legal?‍

Around 399 square miles of Vermont’s total area is water. It may not seem much, but there are still enough water bodies to explore. Magnet fishing can be a great way to explore Vermont’s unique waterways while being outdoor and hunting for hidden treasures.

Is magnet fishing legal in Vermont?

Yes! Magnet fishing is legal in Vermont as long as it’s a public area. Ensure you have the landowner’s permission if you’re magnet fishing on private property. 

Of course, what is legal isn’t always ethical. It would not be the first time repeated, reckless, or inconsiderate behavior resulted in federal regulation. Please have a look at our magnet fishing etiquette!

What are the best places to magnet fish in Vermont?

Vermont is home to many historic water bodies that are great places to find treasures. Here are some of the best places to magnet fish in Vermont.

Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is a crystal clear lake that borders Vermont and New York. The lake is over 120 miles long and 12 miles wide, making it one of the largest lakes in the United States. It is also home to many shipwrecks, which makes it an excellent place for magnet fishing.

The Connecticut River 

The Connecticut River is the longest river in New England and runs through Vermont from north to south. The river was the state’s leading commercial route for many years before the development of the railroad. As a result, it is a great place to find old coins, jewelry, and other treasures.

The Winooski River

The Winooski River flows 90 miles from the town of Cabot to Lake Champlain in Colchester. The river was used to transport timber in the logging heyday of Vermont during the 19th century. You will surely pull up something on this historic water body.

Other places you could try:

  • The Missisquoi River
  • Black River
  • Lake Memphremagog
  • Blue Bridge in Burlington

What can you find when magnet fishing in Vermont?

Some of the most common items found when magnet fishing in Vermont include coins, jewelry, keys, and more. However, you never know what you might find when magnet fishing, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared for anything.

The guys combined two spectacular hobbies, kayaking and magnet fishing, and found some rusty rims.

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